English Test 1


テストを開始するには [テスト開始] ボタンを押してください。

Question 1-5
Where can you see these notices? Click on the best box.

1. Don’t feed the panda!

at a zoo   at a train station   at an office   

2. Table Service Only! Please take a seat

in a cinema   in a supermarket   in a coffee shop   

3. Keep in a cold place.

on clothes    on furniture    on food  

4. Caution! Falling rocks ahead!

in a street    in a kitchen    in a museum   

5. Quiet, please! Exam in progress!

on a classroom door   on a hotel room door   on an office door  

Question 6-10
Choose the word which best fits each space in the text.
Click on the best box in the choices below the text.

The Ancient Romans

Rome was founded more (6.)____ 2500 years ago. It (7.)____ built on seven hills beside the river Tiber. Early Rome was ruled by kings, but in 509 B.C. Rome (8.)____ a republic. The republic lasted for hundreds of years, but ended in a number of civil wars. During these civil wars many men tried (9.)____ take control of Rome, including (10.)____ famous Julius Caesar. Eventually, Julius Caesar’s nephew Augustus Caesar restored peace to Rome.


than   that    of   


was    is   has   


become    became    has become  


to    for   in   


a    the    his   

Question 11-20
Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence.
Click on the best box.

11. The children won’t go to sleep ____ we leave a light on in their bedroom.

except    otherwise    unless    but   

12. I’ll give you my spare keys in case you _______ home before me.

would get    got    will get   get   

13. The singer ended the concert ____ her most popular song.

by    with   in   as  

14. Because it had not rained for several months, there was a ____ of water.

shortage    drop    scarce   waste   

15. I’ve always ____ you as my best friend.

regarded    thought    meant   supposed   

16. She came to live here ____ a month ago.

quite   beyond   already   almost   

17. Don’t make such a ____! The dentist is only going to look at your teeth.

fuss    trouble    worry    reaction   

18.He spent a long time looking for a tie which ____ with his new shirt.

fixed    made   went    wore   

19. ____ teaching Japanese, she also writes children’s books.

Moreover   As well as   Apart   Addition   

20. Jane remained calm when she won the lottery and ____ about her business as if nothing had happened.

came    brought    went   moved   



0〜9問 Beginner................あなたは単語だけを使ったり、単独での会話表現のみが使えるレベルです。
10〜12問 Elementary............もし相手がゆっくり話してコミュニケーションをとれば、簡潔に対応できます。
13〜14問 Pre-intermediate.....日常で頻繁に使う表現であれば、会話できるレベルです(ショッピングやレストランで注文など)
15〜16問 Intermideate..........仕事や学校などで自分の意見を出したり、経験や要望について表現することが出来ます。
17〜18問 Upper-intermediate.ネイティブスピーカーと、幅広いトピックでスムーズに会話でき、自己表現も可能です。
19〜20問 Advanced..............どんな複雑な話題も無意識に、流暢に、正確に会話表現する事が出来る方です(凄い!)