GetGO Conversational Grammar Test!
(English Test 2)

100 点満点

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This is a test to help you find out what grammar points you should focus on studying.  All the grammar points are taken from typical conversational questions or sentences so you can see how they’re used in real-life English.  See the Answer Key below the test to learn the grammar points you should ask your teacher for help with!

問題 1.

There aren’t __________ peaches in my fridge.

a) Some
b) A lot
c) Any
d) None

問題 2.

How ____________ rice do you want with your curry?

a) many
b) often
c) long
d) much

問題 3.

Could you pass me _____________, please?

a) a salad
b) salad
c) the salad
d) to salad

問題 4.

I’m looking for ______________. Which floor are they on?

a) the jeans
b) a jeans
c) some jeans
d) your jeans

問題 5.

He loves travel. He went on ___________ to Cambodia last week.

a) a trip
b) the trip
c) tripping
d) trip

問題 6.

I was really __________ in my English lesson. I fell asleep.

a) bore
b) boring
c) boreful
d) bored

問題 7.

I saw a live band in Ebisu last night. It was ________ fun.

a) a lot of
b) very
c) my
d) much

問題 8.

Shibuya is _____________ than Funabashi.

a) Crowder
b) crowdeder
c) Crowdier
d) More crowded

問題 9.

I think nashi pears are _________________ fruit in the world.

a) The most tasty
b) The tastiest
c) Tastiest
d) tastier

問題 10.

My friend got married last week. She looked ____________ gorgeous in her wedding dress.

a) very
b) extremely
c) absolutely
d) a

問題 11.

You use a washing machine ______ wash clothes.

a) for
b) to
c) by
d) in

問題 12.

If you go __________ the police station, you’ll find the supermarket easily.

a) along
b) past
c) next
d) further

問題 13.

I usually take a bath ____ night.

a) in
b) on
c) at
d) the

問題 14.

We’re worried about getting sick, so we’re going to insure ________ it by taking lots of vitamins.

a) In
b) On
c) Against
d) To

問題 15.

I think Suzuki’s doing too much work thesedays. He’s taking ____ too much.

a) On
b) Out
c) Over
d) In

問題 16.

Q: How often _____ they do the dusting?
A: Once a week.

a) Does
b) Do
c) Are
d) Have

問題 17.

Q: _________________ to France?
A: Yes, twice. I went there when I was a child, and I went again last month.

a) Do you ever go
b) Did you ever go
c) Have you ever been
d) Had you ever been

問題 18.

Oops! I spilt wine on your shirt! I ________ and get a cloth so I can clean it up.

a) ‘ll go
b) go
c) ‘m going
d) would go

問題 19.

Q: How did you break your arm?
A: I _______________ down the street when a car hit me.

a) walked
b) was walking
c) had been walking
d) was walked

問題 20.

By the time I am 50, I will already ____________________.

a) retire
b) be retiring
c) have retired
d) be retire

問題 21.

___________ a movie star sounds like fun.

a) Being
b) To be
c) Be
d) He is

問題 22.

Sake ________________ from rice.

a) makes
b) made
c) is making
d) is made

問題 23.

If it ______________ again tomorrow, I’ll cry.

a) will rain
b) rained
c) raining
d) rains

問題 24.

If my wife left me, my heart __________ break.

a) was
b) will
c) can
d) would

問題 25.

I ____________________________ harder when I was younger. Then I’d have a better job now.

a) should have studied
b) should study
c) should of studied
d) should be studied



0〜6問 Beginner................あなたは単語だけを使ったり、単独での会話表現のみが使えるレベルです。
7〜10問 Elementary............もし相手がゆっくり話してコミュニケーションをとれば、簡潔に対応できます。
10〜13問 Pre-intermediate.....日常で頻繁に使う表現であれば、会話できるレベルです(ショッピングやレストランで注文など)
14〜17問 Intermideate..........仕事や学校などで自分の意見を出したり、経験や要望について表現することが出来ます。
18〜21問 Upper-intermediate.ネイティブスピーカーと、幅広いトピックでスムーズに会話でき、自己表現も可能です。
22〜25問 Advanced..............どんな複雑な話題も無意識に、流暢に、正確に会話表現する事が出来る方です(凄い!)